Faculty Background

The teachers belong to a group of lay people who have dedicated their lives to teaching. They not only accept very little salary, but even donate to the school as they can from money they obtain from occasional work and donations they raise.

Dennis Cantwell - headmaster and teacher of the boys 3rd grade and up.

He has a Bachelor of Science from Seattle University and a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington. He also has a permenant lifetime teaching certificate which allows him to teach grades K-12. He spent several years teaching Philosophy courses at Seattle Univerisity prior to the foundation of Holy Innocents School.

Clare Rhodes - teacher of the girls 3rd grade and up.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Mathematics from Western Washington University. She is also endorsed in the area of Social Studies. She has been a teacher at Holy Innocents School since Fall of 1996.

Francis Kuhn - teacher of both boys and girls Kindergarten - 2nd grade.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Washington. His teaching certificate was earned through Western Washington University. His endorsements are in Elementary Education, History and Art. He has been teaching at Holy Innocents School since Fall of 1998.

The faculty members are practicing Catholics who take their faith seriously, try to set good examples of lives led in the light of their Catholic Faith, and encourage the students to do their best likewise.

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